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Presenting Menus

The most reusable item in any restaurant is the menu and it is difficult to sanitize every menu before the next customer can use it. So, to ensure customer’s safety and help restaurants save on printing costs, we have come up with a quick solution of a Digital Menu.

All that needs to be done is that the customer scans the printed QR code on your table stand, browses through your online menu and places an order. This digital menu will not only help you maintain the safety of your staff and your customers but also will enable your restaurant to be environment friendly by going paperless.

Let’s together take small possible preventive measures which can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in future.

How It Works

All we have done is, replaced your printed menu with a QR enabled Menu! Customers scan the QR through their mobile phones, your restaurant’s menu shows up on the screen, they can select dishes and place orders to your staff. This way you avoid any contact between your waiters and the customers.

If the customer does not have a QR Scanner on their phone, no problem! They can easily look you up on our website through your unique code once you register with us.

Scan the QR Code at the Restaurant from your Mobile

Browse through the Online Menu for your favourite dishes

Place your order with the waiter and enjoy your meal

What's in it for Restaurants?

Help us to help your customers have a memorable dining experience in your restaurant.

No need for printing new menus daily, thus saving your costs on ink and paper. Not only that, you also have full access to your menu with the help of a dashboard. You can change your menu daily or weekly depending on the sourcing of ingredients, chef availability and lot many factors you would be facing due to manpower restrictions.

No need to apologize to your customers for a dish not being available on the menu! Isn’t that great?
Our digital menus will help you in upselling, because you can now display how the dish will look like before your customers order it. You probably might be knowing the well-known adage, “You eat with your eyes first”. Your customers will also know what ingredients will go into every dish by reading the descriptions you provide on the menu.

You can also display special offers for your customers and get feedback from them directly on our website. Your menu will be linked to all your Social Media Platforms and customers will also be able to download a PDF version of the menu for take-away or home delivery orders.

We help you upload your menu on our website which will take only 48HRS and that too for a very minimal fee.


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